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Just Say Maybe...And I Will Give You Everything You Need To Succeed With Real Estate 

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"Since using, my workflow has been revolutionized. The pipeline management software is a game changer, helping me track and close deals faster than ever before. I can't recommend it highly enough for realtors looking to step up their game!"

James T., Real Estate Agent

"The done-for-you website and funnel systems from have not only saved me time but also dramatically increased my online leads. Their tools are incredibly user-friendly and effective. This is a must-have service for any serious real estate professional."

Michael D., Real Estate Broker

"The social media planner and templates have transformed how I handle marketing. Thanks to, I'm now able to manage and execute campaigns seamlessly across all platforms, seeing a significant uptick in engagement and inquiries."

Luis F., Realtor

If You Want To Take Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level, Read on.

Dear Friend

If you want to finally build a successful real estate business and begin to generate hundreds (if not thousands) of buyer leads that turn into sales...

...Or if you want to generate more seller leads , deliver wow open houses and become the go-to expert in your local area...

Or if you simply want more time & money freedom and bring a better life to your family...

Then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the deal:

I’m looking for folks who want to scale their real estate business, or get more high-quality buyer or seller leads.

Today, I’m Going To GIVE YOU A “Done-For-You” Real Estate Toolkit

Where all you have to do is “drag and drop” and get everything you need to scale your real estate business in an afternoon.(And potentially start collecting highly-qualified leads that want to buy what you’re selling... by this weekend!!)

But That’s Not All...

To ensure your success... and to give you the biggest leg-up possible with your real estate marketing...

I’m going to GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED to generate more leads and close more sales online and offline as a realtor.

And You Can Access Everything For 100% Risk-FREE ...

Yep, it’s true.

And if you’re still wondering if this is right for you, I want to make this crystal clear...

  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sold a single house as yet...
  • ​It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced realtor or a total rookie.
  • ​It doesn’t matter if you feel you don’t have all of the resources... (again, I’m going to give you everything you need)
  • ​It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried digital marketing online...
  • ​And it DEFINITELY doesn’t matter if you’re not “tech-savvy” (if you can point & click, then you’re already way ahead of the game).

Here’s Everything You Get To Help You Build A Successful Real Estate Business


Sold Out Houses Memberships

Here Is What You Are Getting Inside Our Membership

  • ​Over 5000+ Real Estate Marketing Templates & Done-For-You Content (A $297 Value)
  • Real Estate Social Media Planer Software (A $297/mo Value) 
  • 2-Way SMS & Website Chat Widget Software(A $197/mo. Value)​
  • Missed Call Text Back Software(A $197/mo. Value)​ 
  • ​Online Review Automation Software(A $197/mo. Value)​
  • Webchat Widget Software(A $197/mo. Value)​
  • And Unlock New Template & Done-For-You Content Each Month Until You Get Everything We Have

And Get Even More Powerful Tools & Software If You Choose To Become An Elite Member

  • Everything inside in the Pro Membership  (A $4997 Value)
  • Done-For-You Real Estate Website (A $197/mo Value)
  • Done-For-You Real Estate Funnels (A $197/mo Value)
  • Done-For-You Automatic Email Follow-up System (A $197/mo Value)
  • Done-For-You Automatic SMS Follow-up System (A $197/mo Value)
  • ​Pipeline Management Software (A $197/mo Value)
  • A Step-By-Step Training On How To Setup Everything (Priceless)
  • A 30 Days Challenge On How To Scale Your Leadflow With Our Proven System (A $197 Value)

You will get access to all the real estate marketing tools & templates you need..

Plus step by step training on how to setup the system

plus our ever-growing done-for-you content & swipe files library

Yes! It’s over 5000+ real estate design templates

And yes!

We are adding more templates, training and tools to our pro member

And you can try our membership for 100% risk-free.

Hurry Up! Take Action Before The Price Goes Up


​Join Any Membership Plan and Unlock Access to Our Advanced Social Media Planner & Customizable Templates

✅ Real Estate Social Media Planer ($299/mo VALUE)

This specialized software is meticulously crafted for real estate professionals looking to elevate their digital marketing strategy. It offers a revolutionary solution, allowing users to efficiently plan, schedule, and organize an entire year's worth of social media content specifically tailored for the real estate market in just a few minutes.

This powerful tool not only saves time and boosts productivity but also includes the capability to simultaneously post to multiple platforms, ensuring a wide-reaching impact.

✅ Missed-Call Text-Back Automation ($299 Value)

The "Missed Call Text Back" feature is an innovative solution designed specifically for our realtor clients to ensure that they never miss an opportunity to connect with potential buyers or sellers, even when they can't answer the phone.

When a call goes unanswered, this feature automatically sends a customized text message to the caller, expressing your inability to take the call at the moment and assuring them of a prompt callback.

✅ 2-Way SMS + Chat Widget (A $297 Value)

The Chat Widget enables real-time communication between realtors and website visitors, allowing for instant engagement and the ability to answer queries, provide property details, and schedule viewings without delay.

​The Chat Widget not only facilitates communication but also serves as an effective lead capture tool. It intelligently collects contact information and relevant details from potential clients, integrating seamlessly with the software's CRM system for streamlined lead management and follow-up.

✅ Online Review Automation ($299 Value)

​Elevate your online presence with 5-star reviews using our straightforward review automation tools. Businesses that accumulate more 5-star reviews have a better chance of ranking higher in Google searches, being discovered online, and drawing in more local clients in search of an agent.

​And When you become an Elite Member, you'll gain access to our comprehensive All-in-One Real Estate Marketing Software.

Including The Following features

✅ A Done-For-You Real Estate Website That Is 100% Customizable ($299/mo. VALUE)

Picture a website so compelling, it's like having your best salesperson working around the clock, capturing leads while you sleep.

This isn't a static page on the internet; it's a dynamic, lead-generating machine designed with one purpose: to bring clients to your doorstep.

Unlock the potential of your real estate business with our Done-For-You Real Estate Website Template & Hosting package, a service valued at $299 per month. Designed specifically for real estate professionals, this package offers a hassle-free solution to establish a powerful online presence.

✅ Done-For-You Email & SMS Follow-up System Follow-Up on Autopilot($299/mo VALUE)

The fortune is in the follow-up, and with Leadgen League, it’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to keeping you in constant contact with your leads. Whether through email or SMS, your follow-up game will be so strong, leads won’t have a chance to forget who you are.

Access our 12-month collection of email and SMS follow-up templates to enhance your appointment booking rate from the leads you generate. Each template is meticulously designed and can be effortlessly tailored and personalized to suit you and your business. Agents who utilize these email and SMS follow-up templates see a 37% increase in booking appointments from their generated leads!

✅ Done-For-You Real Estate Funnels That Do the Heavy Lifting  ($299/mo VALUE)

These aren't just any funnels; they're precision-engineered to guide your prospects through a journey from curiosity to conviction. Every step of the way, they're warmed up, prepped, and practically persuaded before you even say hello.

Elevate your real estate marketing with our comprehensive Done-For-You Real Estate Funnel & Hosting package, offering an exceptional value at $299 per month. This package is designed to streamline your lead generation and nurturing process, making it easier to convert prospects into loyal clients. Here’s what this package includes:.

✅ Pipeline Management Software (A $197/mo Value)

Elevate your sales process with our cutting-edge Pipeline Management Software, an invaluable tool for your business valued at $197 per month. This software is meticulously designed to optimize your sales pipeline, providing clarity and efficiency at every stage of the customer journey. Here's what you can expect from this powerful feature set:

✅ Unified Communications Hub ($299 VALUE)

This is your all-in-one spot for chatting with clients no matter where they message you from — be it Facebook, Google, Instagram, email, or LinkedIn. It's like having a super inbox that brings together all your conversations across different platforms into one, easy-to-navigate space.

No more jumping from app to app to keep up with messages; with our Unified Communications Hub, everything's in one place, making your life simpler and your work more efficient.

Get all your client messages from different platforms in a single view. No more app-hopping!

✅ Mobile App (iPhone & Android) ($299 Value)

​Get Instant Lead Notifications Directly On Your Mobile Phone And Text Every Lead While On The Go! Never Miss Another Sales Opportunity! Every Message From Every Platform Will Flow Into 1 Simple Message Thread! Never Miss Another Facebook Message, Website Chat, Google Chat, Email, SMS, Or Call! Our Mobile App Will Notify You AND Allow You To Respond To Any Message Directly From Your Phone :)

Here Is A Quick Demo Of Our System

✅ Plus Bonus Access To Our Template Library ($297 Value)

This comprehensive collection covers everything you need to elevate your marketing strategy—from social media posts and ads to open house announcements, flyers, and business cards.

Designed with real estate professionals in mind, each template is tailored to showcase properties in their best light, engage potential clients, and enhance your brand's visibility.

Here Is A Quick Preview Of Our Templates:

360 Social Media Ad Templates

360 Social Media Post Templates

365 Motivational Post Templates

73 Lead Magnet Templates

50 Done-For-You Articles

30 Ad Copy Swipe Files

100 Podcast Cover Templates

10 Real Estate Logo Templates

100 Youtube Thumbnail Templates

4 Done-For-You Real Estate Funnel & Website & Step-by-Step Video Setup Guide

Done For You Real Estate Chatbot & Step-by-Step Video Setup Guide

40 Real Estate Quote Posts Templates

90 Real Estate Post Card Templates

63 Realtor Business Card Templates

10+ Listing Flyer Templates

10 Open Houses Sign Templates

Open House Sign In Sheet & Feedback Form Templates

Door Hanger Templates

Seller Roadmap Flyer Templates

Home Buyer Guide brochure Templates

Market Update Flyer Templates

Local Guide Templates

Under Contract Timeline Template

Utility Provider Templates

Client Welcome Package Template

Offer Summary Templates

CMA Report Template

Local Guide Templates

Prospecting Letter Templates

House Hunting Schedule Templates

House Hunting Checklist Templates

FSBO Guide Templates

Buyer Road map Flyer Template

Done-For-You Seller Guide Templates

Done-For-You Buyer Guide Template

Listing Presentation Templates

And Unlock New Content Every Month When You Stay As A Member

Take Action Before The Price Go Up


How Our Existing Member Says About Our Membership

Nick Tsai is fantastic...he happily answers all my questions and gets my website optimized, it's an awesome service, and I highly recommend it!

~ Virginia

Thanks you have greatly improved my business and I am really grateful for your help.

~ Matheas

Love how extensive this package is, These templates make it easier for me to make content for my social media

~Tertia Wangari

very helpful and quick would highly recommended

~ Marie

These are perfect and love that they are editable too.

~ Michelle

great templates! the design is really professional ! I highly recommend it.

~ Dan

And here comes the best part

You Can Try This Vip Membership For 14-Days And Decide If You Really Want To Pay For It

Yes, I said TRY.

I am giving you a 14 Days $1 Trial.

If, for any reason, you are not 100% happy with the membership, simply send me an email or pm me on Facebook.

You will not be charged For A Dine

Why? Because I want to collect more feedback for this membership

When you place your order, our system will send an order confirmation with a link to access the members area.

You can immediately access it anywhere, via desktop or mobile, without having to wait for the mailman.

But with all that said, I need to warn you

Time Is Of The Essence

As you can see, this is a no-brainer offer.

It costs us more than $9241 to build all the tools and templates you will get instant access to, and it's a no-brainer to invest only few dollars per day to access everything.

But as you can see, my team is consistently adding more tools and templates to the library.

And the value of this membership can only grow over time.

That's why we are increasing the membership fee to $997/year soon. (And trust me, it is still a good offer.)

However. if you sign up today, you will be grandfathered into the special offer and keep accessing all the tools and templates for only $497/Year no matter if we increase the price to $997/Year. or even $2997/year.

So click on the button below to sign up now.



What Am I Getting In This Membership?

You will get an all-in-one marketing software plus everything we ever published - real estate marketing templates, done-for-you content , flyer templates, post card templates or even website for only $497/year. And we are still adding new templates to the members area.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes! You will have 30 days to try everything out. and if for any reason, you are not 100% happy with the membership, you can cancel it and get a full refund

Why there is a monthly fee?

We are consistently adding new content and tools, the small monthly fee is to support my team to create more rea; estate tool to make this membership better, with that being said, the membership fee will be increase to $497/year soon.


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Choose Your Package Now

Best For New Agents

Pro Plan

  • Real Estate Social Media Planer Software (A $297/mo Value) 
  • Over 5000+ Real Estate Marketing Templates & Done-For-You Content  (A $297 Value)
  • 2-Way SMS & Website Chat Widget Software(A $197/mo. Value)​
  • Missed Call Text Back Software(A $197/mo. Value)​ 
  • ​Online Review Automation Software(A $197/mo. Value)​
  • Webchat Widget Software(A $197/mo. Value)​
  • And Unlock New Template & Done-For-You Content Each Month Until You Get Everything We Have

$1 For 14 Days Then $47/mo

87% Of The Successful Agent Choose This Plan

 Elite Plan

  • Everything inside in the Pro Plan (A $4997 Value)
  • Done-For-You Real Estate Website (A $197/mo Value)
  • ​Done-For-You Real Estate Funnels (A $197/mo Value)
  • Done-For-You Automatic Email Follow-up System (A $197/mo Value)
  • Done-For-You Automatic SMS Follow-up System (A $197/mo Value)​​
  • Pipeline Management Software (A $197/mo Value)
  • ​All-In-One CRM System (A $197/mo Value)
  • A Step-By-Step Training On How To Setup Everything (Priceless)
  • ​A 30 Days Challenge On How To Scale Your Leadflow (A $197 Value)

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